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The following is not a joke. 
19th-Sep-2006 02:18 pm
I love geometry. What the fuck's wrong with me? Never have I ever liked math in the history of my life. What makes it worse is, my geometry teacher's this huge bitch who only gives you half credit if you miss 2 problems out of 20. And she doesn't accept homework late. She's probably the strictest teacher I've ever had. Yet, I love her class. I do the work! And when she's going around the room checking everyone's homework, I feel stupendous when she smiles and me and says "good girl"!

If I can stay this enthusiastic, I can get an A in math for the first time since elementary school. Yay!
20th-Sep-2006 01:46 am (UTC)
Aww, this entry made me laugh. Because I'm happy for you! And, I can relate. I really really like pre-calc so far for some reason. Math has always been my worst subject, but I'm totally getting the stuff I'm learning. And my best friend Lisa, who's a math whiz, actually has trouble with it and I love it when she calls me so that I can help her with it. It makes me feel smart.

Ahh we are such geeeeeeks.
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