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22nd-Sep-2006 04:47 pm
What is wrong with my LiveJournallll?

Ugh, whatever. I just wanted to write about my dream last night. So, in my dream, I was in school, except it was more like a campus and I had to go from building to building for different classes. I was walking with this girl that I know and we were just hanging out and stuff. But then we walked past this old man sitting on a bike and I actually stared at him as we went by, because I thought it was kind of strange that there was an old guy on a bike in our "school". I asked him, "Hey, why are you so old?" And then he started chasing us and I knew that he wanted to rape us. The girl and I ran around forever and ever and we were scared to death. We were in a hallway where the dorms were, so we tried to hide in one of the rooms, but the old man followed us in there. But the girl who lived there was like, laying on the couch and the old man forgot about us and started having sex with her. And, that's it.

So, today in Driver's Ed. we watched this video. It was something like "What to do in Emergency Situations". A guy was driving and the voice was saying, "If you see an animal in the middle of the road, don't assume it will get out of the way. Stop and wait for it to move, or go around it." And then there was a goddamn horse in the middle of the road and the guy had to stop! And he was all like "What do I do?" It was sooo random, it was the weirdest video ever and we were all cracking up. OK. The end.
22nd-Sep-2006 10:17 pm (UTC)
Apparently in a Driver's Ed video we have to watch, some guy gets road rage and makes the other guy pull over and then he shoots him to death with a crossbow.
When asked to justify the act he says that the other gu was "being a bully."
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