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6th-Dec-2006 10:29 pm
Girl & Clouds
Today at the Y I was able to run 3.34 miles on the treadmill in half an hour. Haha. Any reasonably fit person should be able to do that, but it was a huge breakthrough for me. Before today, the longest time I'd ever run was 15 minutes, and I really struggled with that. But today, for some reason, I was able to keep going and going and going. Maybe all the working out I've done in the past few months finally surfaced and the power was released!

Another thing? I'm way excited to go to college. I know it's not for a while, but I've pretty much narrowed down my choices to NY and NJ. I love the SUNY and CUNY schools because they're cheap and good. I'm also considering Rutgers for their 8 year medical program. Cheers!
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