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I just woke up because I'm damn cold 
2nd-Sep-2006 04:57 am
.. And I had pretty much the weirdest-ass dream ever. I came downstairs and rushed to type it before I forgot anything, because it's one of the few dreams where I can remember details, and it's not a blur in my head.

So yeah, to start off, I had an "internet love". Probably because I read that article in Seventeen about that girl who ran away for her MySpace boyfriend. It was not a secret with my family, however. The guy's name was Mike, and he was 19, and he was part Filipino and another type of Asian but mostly white, and he looked Spanish. But the thing is, I never really talked to him or looked at a clear picture of his face. I had misled him to thinking I loved him, and now he wanted to marry me. For some reason, I agreed because I thought I could simply call it off later.

I was in my room when Mike's father called me and wanted me to speak with his in-laws (I have no idea why) who were Filipino. So they started blabbering in Tagalog and I couldn't understand them. I was still on the phone when I went downstairs and discovered that the phone in the den was on speakerphone, so the whole family heard our conversation. My dad was laughing at it, but I didn't know why because I didn't understand the person on the other side anyway. But I guess that's how the family learned of my affairs. And Mike's father wanted us to fly to California so I could finally meet my fiancee in person.

And so we went on vacation. I'm not exactly sure in what order the following events happen, but they do happen at some point.

We were already in California. I sat in a parked car, about to fall asleep, when I open my eyes and saw a bunch of black girls from my school playing softball. It wasn't on a diamond, though - it was outside of a fast food restaurant and they were playing as if they were in a commercial. I don't know how anything they did made it seem to me like they were in a commercial. Anyway they were playing and one girl dropped her cell phone. And then the pitcher pitched and the ball actually went behind a girl and scooped up her backpack and took it off of her back, and pushed it through the air, just parallel to the ground. The girl went after it and everyone was laughing. I went outside and one of the girls had picked up the cell phone, but instead of giving it directly to its owner, she gave it to me - and I said thanks - and I gave it to its owner.

The game was over and the girls dispersed. I left as well, and started walking away, when suddenly I found myself lying down next to a tree stump on the sidewalk. A girl was lying next to me, although I don't remember who. I looked at the stump and there was a group of hermit crabs settling down inside! Ugh there were soooooooo many, it looked like a disease, and there were hundreds of ants creeping around them. The girl was like, "Gross! You made the ants mad! Get away!" because the ants started scattering but it sure as hell wasn't my fault. We wanted to turn and just walk away, but we found ourselves face to face with a little monster that looked like a little black weiner dog. It was wearing Mary-Janes or some type of women's shoe on all four feet. I said, "Let's just pass it." But the girl said, "No. That monster is dangerous. Let's evaluate our situation - a little girl passed by here and was never seen again. Should we go through?" I thought for a little bit, when the girl just decided she would try to get rid of the monster. She kind of attacked it. She jumped on it and squeezed it (although at this point she turned into a guy but I didn't notice), and she screamed, "Add, or delete! Add, or delete!" ..And the monster whimpered and ran away, and I was like.. Hmm, she must've deleted it.

Notice how, I haven't even gone to visit Mike yet. I think he was in the hospital because something was wrong with his achilles tendon. So for now, I wandered the streets of California. Alone. Cut back to the hotel where my family stayed. It was Japanese-themed, so there were banners and posters all over the wall with Japanese characters. My family was dancing in the room. I don't know how I knew that because I wasn't there. I was wandering around outside.

I was walking down a busy street when I saw two boys walking together. They must've been in 6th or 7th grade. I overheard their conversation and they were talking about playing softball (why not baseball? I'll never know). I tried to catch up to them to ask them something but they started running, so I ran after them. I followed them onto a really narrow street that was dark and deserted. No cars came through, so the three of us ran straight down the middle of the road. I chased them, until finally I caught up.

I walked next to one of them, and we talked. The other boy was a few paces ahead. Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi. You play softball?
Boy: Ya.
Me: What organization is it for? (WTF??!!?)
Boy: It's for (yadda yadda something-or-other).
Me: Cool. I'd like to watch one of your games.
Boy: OK, we have one every week. Just come to Loantaka park.

Loantaka. We have a Loantaka park in New Jersey, I thought, but I didn't say it out loud. The two boys and I reached the end of the street, and we were at a baseball field, a small one, smaller than Little League. And there was a friggin' 3-year-old mowing the grass. There he was, this chubby little toddler, sitting on a ride-on mower, driving it around the field. I looked down and I had a lawn mower in front of me. So I pushed it onto the field, but the 3-year-old told me he could handle the job by himself and to get off the grass. He wasn't even doing it by himself, though, because behind him there were three Spanish men on ride-on mowers and they were looking at me weirdly.

It was time to visit Mike in the hospital. I could see him there on the bed but he couldn't see me. He looked pretty pissed and was talking on his cell phone to someone. He was yelling: "My sister lost her legs in an accident! Do you know how that feels, to have your life, your freedom taken away? If this gets any worse I won't be able to walk or run anymore!"

The end.
2nd-Sep-2006 07:07 pm (UTC)
Oh, great dream!
I had a pretty weird dream, too. It went like I was working at a camp and somehow I was like, in the back of the van with all the campers, and somehow one of them, who sort of looked like my dad, got goaded into kissing me, which he did (Rather chastely, don't worry.) and then I sort of petted his feet for a while. Also this guy who I have a crush on was there for some reason, but I never figured out what he was doing there because then my sister started practicing drums.
4th-Sep-2006 02:53 am (UTC)
My God, you have the best dreams ever. I'm fucking serious. I can never remember my dreams, and when I do it's something really stupid. Like, the other night I dreamt that I was petting Benji and he bit me. That was it.

Also your dreams are really detailed and long. Mine seem to last about 3 seconds. I envy you!
4th-Sep-2006 04:45 am (UTC)
Actually this is kind of the first time I can remember everything so clearly. Notice how it's 5 a.m. when I typed it, I woke up because I was cold. I heard that you remember dreams better if you wake up immediately after it happens. So if I had woken up at like 9, which is, you know, normal for summer vacation - I probably wouldn't have remembered a thing
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