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21st-Aug-2006 09:55 pm - Christ
I love love love the Oregon team. Especially the way they are ALL OVER EACH OTHER when one of them makes a run. So gay.
20th-Aug-2006 11:35 pm - Rock! Under the lights
Actually I really don't feel like writing about Chicago here because it's down in pen and ink in a real journal, but I would feel pretty guilty if I didn't provide my audience with something to work with, so here are passages directly from my everyday accounts, recorded in my notebook. Enjoy. =)Collapse )

Believe it or not, little league was not the ONLY thing I did during the vacation, but oh fucking well. You got to read my private thoughts and stuff, that should be enough!
17th-Aug-2006 05:02 pm - I'm in.. Chicago
We're taking a walk down the city's shopping district and we stopped at an Apple store thing, so I'm just using one of the computers. This place is cool. I'll write about stuff when I get back. And by the way, I lost my cell phone.
8th-Aug-2006 09:33 pm - Funky cat
We went to Montclair today to eat dinner and see a movie. It's a lot like Brooklyn, because it's kind of ghetto, but there were a lot of white people. Yeahh. There was also a little British shop that sold loads and loads of tea, but we bought Yorkie candy bars, which have like 366 calories each and had a note on the wrapper that said "It's not for girls!" That provoked me.

Then, we saw the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" which is quite possibly the funniest movie ever. Go see it.
6th-Aug-2006 11:44 am - Yes yes yes yes yes yes

Who's excited?? ME
30th-Jul-2006 12:13 am - My fingers taste like buffalo wings
Girl & Clouds
Billy Elliot is one sexy-ass muthafucka. Fo' realz.
28th-Jul-2006 09:40 pm - ????
Today at the Y I had the 2nd part of this Cybex orientation thing, where someone shows you the proper way to use the machines and stuff. Instead of having that girl like last time I got this weird guy instructor who was actually kind of hot. Definitely not my type though, what a fucking jock. Anyway, he kept asking stuff like what school I go to and when I told him I had lived in Brooklyn he was like, "Wow, did you ever see anyone famous? Like Jay-Z?" What a moron.
16th-Jul-2006 09:30 pm - Shake it, sh-shake it
Right now I am in some hostel in Pennsylvania, 'cause tomorrow's my dad's birthday so we're on vacation. We had stayed here four years ago, also, and well this place is amazing. In the back there's a garden and a brook-stream type thing with lots of rocks and stuff. When we arrived here today there was this little boy who was romping around barefoot, picking berries and climbing on things. So my brother and I took our shoes off and followed him around for a bit, and I was enraptured by this little blond hippie-spawn who could walk through a patch of thorns wihout a scratch while I emerged with all kinds of stuff sticking out of my feet, and I was wearing slippers too. His name is Miles and he's seven years old. Naturally I compared him to Sean who is just a year younger but they're so different, Sean with his mean face and video games, and then Miles who chases chickens around and goes swimming in the river. I went in the water too, and now my pants are all soaked and I hope I can get them dry by tomorrow.

Miles and his family are here for a week to babysit the hostel while the people who run the place are away in Mexico.

Next time you go on vacation don't settle for a hotel! These things are so much cheaper and it's just like someone's house, except not. And sometimes you get to go on adventures with the little kids you find. Yay for hostels.

We'll be staying here for one night and heading to Philadelphia tomorrow. I'll update and post pictures as soon as I get back.


Okay, we just got back this afternoon. Nothing else really interesting happened. We left the hostel and somehow ended up in Philly. I bought some shits at Urban Outfitters, and then we took this tour (I hate feeling like a tourist) on this bus thing, but it went into the Delaware River and became a boat. Hmm .. then somehow we ended up in this Quaker-licious lodging place, where everyone was all friendly and had one big happy dinner together. Pizza. With vegan options. We sat at some table with this college girl who was having a "peaceful" argument with an old lady about the most intelligent creatures on the earth, and the old lady said we can't assume it's humans, and the girls like, "I can't imagine animals have such variety in their language" .. yadda yadda. I was kind of scared because they were all nice and it sounded like they were brainwashed.

Well we slept over there and crap. And we drove around the Swarthmore College campus the next day. And then we came home.

Hmm .. 3 carefully selected picturesCollapse )
11th-Jul-2006 03:51 pm - o.0
Yesterday I went for a walk with my family by some random lake, and I called my mom a fat butterfly, and then she threw a pebble at me and it hit my thumb and it really hurt and she said, "That's for calling me a butterfly".

Also a couple of days ago we went camping on this artificial beach on Sunrise Lake. We were the only ones who had to rent a tent and we could barely set it up. It was stressful and we were all in bad moods, especially me because vacationing with the family is getting old and not fun anymore. We went paddleboating and crap, and there were heaps of little kids there and when it got dark we played glowstick tag. And I discovered that I can run very, very fast when I'm being chased. But running and s'mores don't mix because I felt like I had an ulcer and it wasn't pleasant.

Uh, yeah, and if you saw on the news some guy in Manhattan who blew up his house so his wife can't get it, that's my mom's old co-worker and she's like freaking out about it. We are all perplexed by him ..

Before I forget, here is a wonderful picture in rememberance of our beautiful camping trip. Wonderful pictureCollapse )
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